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The Leaving Care Training Hub is part of The Big Initiative which is a multi-agency collaboration bringing together expert practitioners to provide exceptional resources free of charge :

Welcome to a place where you can be active, engaged and inspired

The Leaving Care Training Hub

Attachment And Bonding Advanced Level Leaving Care
Attachment And Bonding Advanced Level Leaving Care

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The most important property of humankind is the capacity to form and maintain relationships. These relationships are necessary for any of us to survive, learn, work, love, and procreate. Human relationships take many forms but the most intense, most pleasurable, and most painful are those relationships with family, friends, and loved ones. Within this inner circle of intimate relationships, we are bonded to each other with “emotional glue” – we are bonded with love.

Everyone’s ability to form and maintain relationships using this “emotional glue” is different. Some people seem naturally capable of loving. They form numerous intimate and caring relationships and, in doing so, get pleasure. Others are not so lucky. They feel no “pull” to form intimate relationships, find little pleasure in being with or close to others. They have less emotional glue with family and few, if any, friends.

The main learning objectives of the course are as follows:

  1. To consider brain development in children
  2. To identify attachment patterns
  3. To understand reactive attachment disorder
  4. To identify indicators of a secure attachment
  5. To gain an understanding of providing a secure base

This course is specifically for employees who work within Leaving Care and is fully CPD accredited.

Upon booking this course, we will discuss the learning objectives and outcomes you wish to achieve based on the young people in your care.

We also have an advanced version, which is specifically for designated individuals or seniors.

Should you wish to discuss your needs before making a booking, please go via our live chat..

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